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A General Overview
Dr. Zapor always begins with the lowest force, i.e. gentle, adjusting technique possible. If a patients physical problems won't improve with that level of care, only then are more aggressive techniques used. It is, of course, of primary importance that a patient is returned to health as quickly as possible. By starting low force and then switching techniques as necessary, it is possible to zero in on the adjustments that will help that unique individual return to health. It is surprising, however, how many patients respond to lower force, specific problem area, adjustments.

Manual Adjusting
Manual adjusting is just what the term implies. Using this method, the doctor uses his hands to make all of the adjustments to the spine to correct structural misalignements, ie subluxations. Manual adjusting contains a whole range of options. The techniques vary from only light pressure being used to slowly realign vertebra to direct thrusts which quickly and audibly realign vertebrae. The term "manual adjustment" also includes such techniques where a hand held device may be used to deliver a very light, but especially quick thrust to the misaligned vertebra.

Dr Zapor is versed in all manual adjusting techniques.

Please note: Not once in the description of chiropractic modalities have drugs been mentioned. Chiropractic is drug free. Chiropractic is the largest drug free healing art in the world.

That's Wonderful... But What Is The Latest And Greatest ?
The newest technology is analyzing the spine and correcting subluxations by computer. This technique is very low force. Indeed it does all its work with only very light tapping. Please open the link to Computers on the side bar to the left for more information. There is also a link on that page to visit the company which created this technology.

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