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Chiropractic, like all sciences, has changed. Though, regrettably, not all individual offices have kept up. One of the most remarkable innovations is the Pulstar FRAS. Pulstar is computer based analysis and manipulation. The Pulstar uses a computer to analyze the spine and a computer program to identify problem areas in the spine. The computer can then be used to gently return normal joint function to the spine.

Computer based adjusting has, as one person cheerfully put it, the happy by product of being the "no cracking, no popping" adjustment technique.

Which Patients ?
There are, of course, patients who just prefer computer based adjusting.

There are also patients for whom computer based adjusting is the primary indicated technique. Difficult cases, such as patients who have not responded to other forms of chiropractic care, some times respond to computer based care. As the computer can detect problems that traditional chiropractic methods occasionally can't.

The computer based care is also valuable for those patients who do not have a frank pain syndrome or illness, but have the persistent feeling that "there is something wrong".

Combination Therapy
For many, the computer is the primary analysis and adjusting technique. In occasional cases, more is needed to correct difficult health problems; it can then necessary to use additional, well chosen, manual techniques to suppliment the computer based care.

The point is, is that your care will be tailored to help you with what ever your unique health problems are.

What This Means
If you haven't been helped in the past, maybe this new technology can help you.

For those interested in more technical descriptions of Pulstar computer based care, more information may be found by clicking the Pulsar logo above or by clicking here.

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